Ruger American(youth) in .22LR for $225.99 plus tax

Mossberg 500 Flex Hunter 12 guage **clearance sale** $350.99 plus tax! 


Kel Tec P3at 380 Grey $215.99 plus tax!

ATI FX Thunderbolt 1911 .45 cal. $429.99

plus tax!

North American Arms 22lr/22mag 289.99 plus tax!! This has a holster grip! Includes lock box

Ruger charger 22lr with case and bipod $230.99 plus tax!

Taurus PT22, 22lr $195.99 plus tax

Walther PK380 $320.99 plus tax!

Ruger SR22 22LR pistol $315.99 plus tax

Glock 17 TALO with nite SITES! $529.99 PLUS TAX!**SOLD**

Mossberg model 88 20ga shotgun $195.00 plus tax

Sccy CPX1, 9mm purple/stainless or pink/ black $199.99 plus tax!!

Full selection of Anderson parts to build your own 5.56 or 300blk out

Anderson stripped lower receiver, multi cal. $55.00 plus tax.  We also have Dont Tread On Me for 60.00. We also offer one with the T3 Logo!! $99.99 plus tax!

Armscor/Rock Island model M206, 38sp. Comes with 2 sets of grips! $235.99 plus tax!

Glock 19 gen5 $545.99 plus tax!

**Used Firearm Inventory**

MII Plink 802 BA 22LR PINK MARBLE SYN Sport Grip $185.99 plus tax!!!

TCA Venture BA 243 $375.00 plus tax!!! ***CLEARANCE***

Glock 43X 9mm BLACK!! $452.99 plus tax!!**SOLD**

Taurus G2s 9mm, $230.45 plus tax!

Ruger EC9 9mm

$250.99 plus tax

GLOCK 45 9mm with nite sites! $599.99 plus tax!

Crickett by Keystone .22lr $129.00 plus tax!

Sig Sauer P365, 9mm $499.99 plus tax!!

Rossi 410 single shotgun!! $147.99 plus tax!

Mossberg Patriot 308 $329.99 plus tax!

Mossberg Patriot 6.5 creedmore! FDE threaded barrel. $367.99 plus tax!!

Ruger PC carbine 9mm $499.99 plus tax!

SCCY 380 CPX3 with easy slide pull! $259.99 plus tax! comes with lock and 3 mags.

Ruger LCP II 380, $275.99 plus tax!

Glock 48 9mm Silver Slim Line Series $453.99 Plus Tax!!

Taurus 357, $279.99 plus tax!!

Braztech Rossi 410  shotgun!! $124.99 plus tax!

Glock 42 380 $399.99 plus tax!!

Glock 43X 9mm. Silver Slide $458.99 plus tax!!**SOLD**

Ruger Ranch Rifle FDE 5.56!! comes with a 10rd. PMAG! $435.99 plus tax!

RUGER custom LCP with red trigger! $260.00 plus tax!!! 

BOND ARMS (ROWDY) 45c/410 3in. $295.99 plus tax!!

**USED**Glock 22 gen4 $349.99 NO TAX!!!

Savage model 93, 22mag! $233.99 plus tax!

RUGER AMERICAN youth model 7mm-08!! $389.00 plus tax!

Del Ton Echo! 5.56 $489.99 plus tax!

RUGER American 22-250 $399.99 plus tax!

Mossberg 17HMR  $192.99 plus tax!!

HATFIELD YOUTH SGL 410 Shotgun $125.99 plus tax!!

Diamond Back DB15 MLOK! 5.56 $499.99 plustax!!***SOLD***

Anderson AM15 OPTIC READY! 5.56 16" $475.99 PLUS TAX!!

Anderson AM15 OPTIC READY M-LOK 16"

223 WYLDE!! $545.00 PLUS TAX!!**SOLD**


Remington model 700, 7mm mag. 5.5 X 16.5 Nikon scope! $399.99 no tax!!