Full selection of Anderson parts to build your own 5.56 or 300blk out!!

**Used Firearm Inventory**

 GLOCK 43X 9m $449.95 PLUS TAX!!

*Bond Arms Rough Neck! 357/38 $252.50 plus tax!!

Ruger Max9!! 9mm $399.99 plus tax!

Glock 19 gen 5, 9mm $549.95 plus tax!!

North American Arms 22lr,with holster grip. $288.50 plus tax!!

Aero lower receiver A/R 10, $150.00

Ruger American 7mm08, $435.99 plus tax!

Ruger American Compact 18in. Barrel bolt action 243! $435.00 plus Tax!

Ruger American 350 Legend!$495.95 plus Tax!

Ruger American 17HMR! $347.95 Plus Tax!!

Bond Arms Stinger 9mm!$250.00 plus tax!

Smith & Wesson Shield EZ, 9mm, $445.95 plus tax!

Phoenix Arms 22lr $179.95 plus tax!!

Springfield HellCat! 9mm $515.99 plus tax!!

Ruger Wrangler 6in. barrell! $224.99 plus tax!

Taurus 856, 38sp. $316.25 plus tax!

Taurus M605, 357, $405.99 PLUS TAX!

Silencer Co.Sparrow 22lr! $306.25 Plus Tax and TAX STAMP!

Taurus TX22 Compact 22LR, $335.99 PLUS TAX!

Mossberg 308! $374.00 PLUS TAX!

Ruger American 22lr. $350.00 PLUS TAX!

Heritage Barkeep 22lr $149.99 PLUS TAX!

Aero and Anderson Lowers in stock! Anderson lowers $65.99!

Taurus 856, 38sp.$335.95 plus tax!

Sig Sauer P365, 9mm! $550.00 plus tax!

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Kel Tec sub 2k 9mm $459.95 plus tax!

also has a $100.00 rebate!

**SOLD**Diamonback DB15 5.56! $479.95 plus tax!

Radical Firearms RF16,5.56. plus tax!

ROSSI R22, 22lr! $145.95 plus tax!!